French Cartoonist Was Arrested For Drawing Cartoons under hate speech charges.

Last week killing of a French teacher Samuel Party once again sparked a debate about ”Freedom of Speech” just like it happened after Charlie Hebdo attack in which twelve people we were killed including Charlie Hebdo’s editor.

This unfortunate and sad incident again sparked blatant hypocrisy and double standards that exists in the West in this case France, regarding mistreatment of certain minorities.
After Charli Hebdo attack people marched in France (including Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu) in the defence of “freedom of speech” following the Charlie Hebdo attacks.
Not long after Charli Hebdo attack another incident of ”freedom of speech” took place but ended very differently.
After the drawing of these cartoons a French cartoonist was arrested and appeared in court in Paris for his drawings, in particular for a cartoon in which he that depicted a Palestinian child being stabbed by an Israeli-flag shaped knife.

French police arrested cartoonist on his home followed a complaint that was reportedly filed by the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism.

Cartoonist said that the concept of journalistic crime was being used in France to prevent criticism of the forces ruling the country, adding that the issue of Jewish genocide was still considered a taboo in France.
This arrest took place not long after Charlie Hebdo attack in which some of the well known cartoonists were killed when two masked men attacked the magazine’s offices.

According to Zeon, some cartoons contributed to dialogue, while some like the Prophet Muhammad cartoons published by Charlie Hebdo were only drawn to insult. “They are aware that they offend a lot of people when they draw the Prophet (Muhammad),” he said.

About his own drawing that was labeled as anti-Semitic by some Jewish groups, he said, it was not anti-Semitic, but anti-Zionist, calling anti-Semitism in France as “a concept made up by Zionists.”

Another similar incidence of ”freedom of speech”, in a country which prides itself as a world leader in free speech banned a boycott movement launched by ordinary citizens called BDS. Movement has been not just simply banned but criminalised by top French court. The French Court of Cassation in Paris refused the legitimacy Boycott movement, Instead, the court agreed with the Zionist claim that BDS is a form of anti-Semitism is spreading hate therefore in should be banned.

In another incident of ”free speech” the French high court upheld the criminal conviction of 12 political activists for the “crime” of wearing t-shirts with had the slogan, “Long Live Palestine”.

This goes to show how mockery of some minorities is called ”free speech” while it doesn’t apply on everyone.

In conclusion it seems like France has been using title of ”free speech” to gain some political benefits, at the cost of discrimination, bigotry racism and hate in French society which has divided French society divided into fractions.

In following video a French host can be seen saying that it is freedom of expression to draw offensive pictures of the prophet Muhammed we shouldn’t care how much it may offends Muslims, that they simply have to accept it because it is ”freedom of speech”.

The video then cuts forward to a later date which shows the same host interviewing a comedian who mocked Jews in his act.
The host asks him if he thinks he should apologise for what he did, and when he responds that he doesn’t, because it was just part of his act, the host tells him that he finds his actions shocking and inexcusable.
The comedian points out that he was able to make fun of all kinds of people and it was never a big deal, but as soon as he makes fun of an Israeli, there’s hysteria. The host responds by telling him that although he thinks he’s a very talented comedian, he’ll never be invited back onto the show again.


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