Can Belugas Mimic the Pattern of Human Speech?

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The average age of a beluga whale is between 40 and 60 years. Belugas are amongst the few whale species that don’t have a dorsal fin on their back, making it easier for them to swim under sea ice.

This probably the reason they have their white colour to camouflage around ice.

Belugas are very quick learners recently two belugas named Little Grey and Little White started learned how to hold their breath underwater for longer, increasing their diet to help build up extra weight, and familiarising them with lower temperatures of climate change.

There was another finding as early as the 1940 that whales sound like human children. In the 1970 an animal at the Vancouver Aquarium was heard to say his own name, Lugosi.

In San Diego, some scientists in National Marine Mammal Foundation (NMMF) conducted analysis of a beluga in their facility, beluga was named Noc.

Belugas can also mimic the pattern of human speech. It is not the first time a beluga has been known to sound human. In the wild belugas are known to shout like children.

Recently in the wild One captive beluga, after overhearing divers using an underwater communication system. When these recording were played it confirmed that the beluga had become skilled at imitating the patterns and frequency of human speech. After several years, this beluga ceased making these sounds. There was an incident in NMMF, when some staff members began to notice some unusual sounds in the vicinity of the whale and dolphin enclosure.
It sounded as though two people were conversing in the distance, just out of range of their understanding. They traced the sounds to beluga Noc.
A bit later when a diver surfaced from the whale enclosure to ask his colleagues an odd question: “Who told me to get out?

In general, whales make sounds via their nasal tract, unlike human do it from their larynx.
But the scientists found that NOC had to vary the pressure in his nasal tract while making other muscular adjustments and inflating the vestibular sac in his blowhole.
And of course an article cannot be finished with a beluga playing with rugby. This video was captured last year by some divers and South African rugby fans. When this beluga swam closer to boat, divers invited the animal to play and as usual beluga responded. This video went viral last year.

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