By 2021 Costa Rica Will Become First Country in The World That is Plastic And Carbon-free.

While United States arrogantly refused to cut down its carbon emission and and plastic pollution. Costa Rica, a tiny and rugged country in central America decided, its a good idea to cut down plastic pollution and carbon emission.

Government of Costa Rica recognises its bio-diversity to the country’s strongest asset and therefore, will make every effort to protect it. The country announced it will eradicate single-use plastic and become completely carbon-neutral as the first country in the world to do so.

“Removing CO2 output of a country’s economy is the great task of our generation and Costa Rica must be one of the first countries in the world to accomplish it, if not the first,” Government of Costa Rica announced.

While government acknowledged that a carbon-free society is a massive task, but government is determined it would rid the country of the fossil fuels used in their transportation system.

“When we reach 200 years of independent life we will take Costa Rica forward and celebrate… that we’ve removed gasoline and diesel from our transportation,” President of Costa Rica Carlos Alvarado Quesada explained.

The country’s plan to eradicate single-use plastic is backed by the United Nations Development Program in which Costa Rica plans to replace it will alternatives that are not petroleum based and instead either 100 recyclable or bio-degradable.

Costa Rica recently achieved “one of the lowest ratios of greenhouse gas emissions to electrical consumption on the planet,” according to the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE). The country has been able to generate most of its electricity from renewable resources over the past 4 years. According to ICE, three quarters of the country’s “renewable energy came from hydroelectric plants using river water; the rest was geothermal and wind power, with biomass then solar power constituting the smallest percentage.”

While these bold initiatives may take years to accomplish, the Costa Rica government has already been implementing their efforts into real change for several years making their goal a reality to come in 2021.

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