Family Drowned in Channel Crossing Including Children, One infant is Still Missing.

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  • Four members of a Kurdish-Iranian family died including children when a migrant raft sank on Tuesday.

They have been named as Rasoul Iran-Nejad, 35, Shiva Mohammad Panahi, 35, Anita, 8, and Armin, 5 years old.
Their 15-month-old baby boy, named as Artin’s body is still missing. Family had set off for the UK in a boat carrying as many as 28 people. It’s said that raft was not designed to carry this many people.

French rescue authority said there is no hope of finding any more survivors from the boat which capsised in the English Channel on Tuesday 27th 2020. Search and rescue boats including military resources continued their scoured the sea off the French coast for hours on Tuesday looking for any survivors or bodies.

But nightfall brought a halt to the rescue operation and searches did not resume on Wednesday. The family were from a village near the Iranian Kurdish city of Sardasht, West Azerbaijan province, northwest of Iran.
Family ended up in France and attempted to move from France to the UK on a train twice but both attempts failed. Last hope for them was to try channel, and decided to reach the UK by sea a journey that ended in tragedy with all family member dead and one missing.
Bella Sankey, director of charity Detention Action, said: “This beautiful Kurdish-Iranian family deserved our compassion and our support, not to meet their deaths on the UK’s doorstep.
“The way to honour their memory is to ensure that no other family in their circumstances feels forced to make the same crossing.”
French authorities had also confirmed the children who died in this tragedy were aged 5 and 8.

Despite whatever tragedy occur, British public has no sympathy for those who are running away from war, famine, poverty or cruel economic conditions which has been shaped by decades of war and foreign intervention. A research done in early July 2020 showed that 49% British public say they have no to little sympathy for refugees.  Similar sentiment could be found on French side for refugees.

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