Full Video Reveled Snake Chocked Man To Death in a Shocking and Graphic incident.

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A full video has releveled how a  snake charmer died when his pet python tried to strangle him during a show he was about to do. Previously a news has spread that man was alive but full video releveled that man died at the incident. It’s said the incident occurred at Mau in Uttar Pradesh, India. The snake charmer had wrapped a python snake around his neck. The snake tightened its grip and began to strangle him.   The man choked and collapsed showing visible signs of distress at start and then felt calm and stopped moving. But it took sometime for the crowd to realise that the incident was not part of the show. However even after realising that the man was being killed by snake bystanders just stood there and did nothing until the man fall cold. They tried to spray some water on him but it was too late. Snake left it’s grip and can be seen slowly move away from the man’s life less body.

DISCLAIMER: Graphic Video

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7 months ago

I think it’s shocking that people just stood there and watched him die.

6 months ago

sign in to YouTube and then click on this video. It is still there if some one wants to watch.

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