Furious Man Rips Off Coverings On Non-Essential Items At a Welsh Supermarket.


A man was filmed removing coverings on item in Tesco supermarket. These items are classed as non-essential items by Tesco and other supermarket chains in the the UK.
It is also to be noted that items includes all products of tobacco, and alcohol is NOT classed as ”non-essential” and being sold indiscriminately till 10pm.

This video was posted on the Facebook. Gwilym Owen the man in the video, is seen removing covers at the Tesco Extra store in Bangor. The coverings are believed to have been placed on items which the store is no longer allowed to sell.

Recently these rules were implemented by  The Welsh Government are part of the new covid-19 lockdown which stops supermarkets from selling items such as clothes and electrical goods however items which cause the most damage to British society like alcohol is still being sold without restrictions.

Man was seen in video shouting “Since when have clothes been non-essential?” He and his camera man were filming and later confronted by security staff. Writing on Facebook he said:

I don’t care about the backlash that I may get from this”, ”We’re heading into winter now and who would have thought clothes for children weren’t essential? I’m sure there are people out there who can barely afford heating in their houses. The government is corrupt, but what’s more damaging to society is the fact that people are not standing up against this machine.”

Tesco’s spokesperson explained: “Under new restrictions set out by the Government, we are currently unable to sell items which government has called ‘non-essential’. North Wales Police has also been contacted in regards to this incident.

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