Half Of Brits Say They Have Little To No Sympathy For Refugees And Migrants Crossing The Channel.

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75 % of leave voters said, Britain is not responsible to protect or help those who arrive on their shores.

A new research revealed almost half of Brits have no sympathy for the refugees. Those who are risking their lives in Channel crossing coming to their country.

YouGov poll of 3,163 adults revealed that 49% population in the UK are unsympathetic to their refugees and migrants, compared to 44% who said they care a little or a great amount.

Study also showed this number worsened among Conservative and Leave voters. Almost 73% of voters say they have no sympathy whatsoever for refugees.

That is despite countries such as Germany, Greece and France taking in a far higher proportion.

57% Tory voters and 75% of Leave voters said: the UK does not have a responsibility to help protect those in need, who are arriving in England from French waters.

Moreover, 46% of British public say the UK has done more than enough, of its fair share to accommodate refugees. Compared to other European countries. Claiming UK has done more than any other country.

Largest refugee hosting countries in the world as of 2015

It is unknown whether these people are aware of the statistics that Britain is not the top refugee hosting country. By far Britain has not even taken the fraction of what other countries has done. According to Amnesty international report, European countries such as Germany is at the top, Greece and France taking in a far higher proportion of refugees than any European country.

Its worth noting most of refugees crises in the world, kicked off due to direct or indirect intervention by U.S or NATO into some countries.

According to Amnesty International, United Nations and Statista reports non-European countries are hosting large proportion of refugees in the world which are first safe countries for these refugees. Turkey is being at the top of the list. Pakistan at the second, Lebanon, Jordan, Uganda, Iran and Sudan are also included.
Not to mention 99% of these countries are 3rd world themselves. They are hugely suffering from their own domestic crises on top of refugee crises.

Largest refugee hosting countries in the world as of 2019

“Johnson says, very bad and stupid”

Boris Johnson has said; migrants crossing the Channel is a “very bad and stupid, dangerous and criminal thing to do”. As he hinted at changing laws to address the situation.

Johnson made this comment in response to French politician warning. Warning was given on the UK’s decision to send in the Royal Navy “won’t change anything”. A former Home Office official said he was sceptical of the plans.
Early this week few inflatable boats came to the coast, carrying more than 20 people from Syria including women and children met by a Border Force boat off the coast of Dover.
Home Secretary Priti Patel also headed to Dover. She was spotted getting off from a police boat, that had been out in the Channel earlier that morning. Meanwhile the RAF dispatched a plane to survey the Channel.

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