HeartBroken Twins Forcefully Removed By Police From Their Mother.

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Twin brother and sister were taken into police custody in order to transfer them to foster home.

On August 19th 2020, 10 years old twin brother and sister were forcibly removed from their mother’s care, taken into police custody to put into foster care.
The mother of the twin has been in a legal battle with her abusive ex-husband over past few years, recently the mother lost the legal battle. Court ordered to take the children away so they can be put in foster home against children’s wishes.

Justice for Children trapped in foster care

A fine example of Britain’s ruptured policing and indefensible court system.

A mother has been unable to paid extortionist legal fees to save her kids from being taken away and damaged forever. Mother says, she works as minimum wage worker and of her savings are spent in legal battle so she can live with her children.
It’s told by the family the husband refused to provide any maintenance for the children’s citing, despite being able to hire multiple lawyers to fight his case and intimidate his ex-wife.


A Gofundme page was created by the friends and family of mother to help the her appeal against the decision and pay legal costs so she can get her children back.
Legal fees has since dried up her savings and she is unable to pay to hire a lawyer.
Family told, mother is currently ineligible to receive legal aid, due to not having enough funds to pay for further legal cost she will most likely lose her children.

Videos were posted online during police taking custody of children, the videos show screaming children were handled by police officers children didn’t want to leave their mother’s sight.
Yet under court’s order these children’s were dragged out of their home front of their mother and taken into police vehicle.
Ironically so far no media outlet has managed to cover this story, however the children’s family have been requesting any help they could get so mother could be reunited with her children.
Children would possibly be moved to a foster home two hours drive from their mother’s home, it is reported the foster family is a relative of the ex-husband the children have never met before. A link to mother’s GoFundme page could be found by clicking here.


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Barney Quinn,
Barney Quinn,
7 months ago

Such a load of pure crap, I’ve seen more truth in a Micky Mouse Comic. And that one of the Police taken the young girl away, was a good laugh, even though the acting was hopeless. Just hope there not expecting an Oscar!

7 months ago
Reply to  Barney Quinn,

These are real people with real feelings. This is a genuine incident I saw the video which was later taken down due to legal issue. Stop being a clown.

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