Highly Respectable German Doctor, Dr. Heiko Schöning Arrested at Hyde Park London.

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Dr Heiko Schoning has been arrested at London’s Hyde Park for speaking up and demanding government to release more information over Covid-19.

German Doctor was arrested yesterday at Hyde park he publicly demanded both German and British governments should be more open to lock down policies, pandamic policies and covid-19 vaccination. Doctor is being held in custody without any charge.
Doctor Schoning said ” He is a physician and under an oath to hold his job not to hurt his patients. It’s his right to know what he is giving to his patients that will not harm anyone. He said when doctors speak out, the truth and are silenced, locked up, you know we are in deep deep trouble’‘.

Dr Schöning’s lawyer has reported that doctor has been unlawfully detained and without charge. Organisers are arranging a peaceful demonstration more to come.


Earlier this year Doctor Schoning, doctor Haddisch, Doctor Schiffmann held
Covid-19 Extra-parliamentary inquiry committee where he and his other colleagues demanded governments to disclose all the information they have on Covid-19 and it’s vaccine.

In Extra-Parliamentary inquiry committee team of doctors said they welcome and experts speakers of the similar fields to come to committee and debate to get the truth out. Experts from all areas of life, fields of medicine, social, affairs, law, economics, and more.
Renowned experts have already agreed to attend, besides the speakers  circle with doctor Haddisch and Doctor Schiffmann.
Doctor Schiffmann said, if a vaccination is being clamoured for, which can be highly dangerous.
Doctor explained, It is a type of vaccination which has not successfully tested on human beings and it’s side effects and risks are being ignored. RNA or DNA vaccinations has ability to alter human genes which could damage human DNA which could lead to something worse.
A vaccination without medical necessity, there is no evidence for it anymore because government has refused to talk about it in an open and transparent, or there are not enough evidence or medical staff is not being told about it.


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7 months ago

are u affiliated with the NGO the world economic forum with their “great reset” plans

7 months ago
Reply to  adjossie

What are you on about?

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