Immigrants Commit the Most Knife Crimes in London, is this true?

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Some social media pages constantly publishing material heavily blaming immigrants or Muslims to be responsible for rise of crimes in London.
Not just social media pages and groups but also main stream media isn’t any better in string up hate between one community against another.
Immigrants are responsible for violence, how true is this?
Let’s check it out under the light of few out of many evidence.
In 2017, “Muslim immigrants” committed 11,000 out of 13,000 total knife crime offences in London, England.

This was the claim of this right wing social media page.

Right wing organisations openly get funded by public claimed, crimes in London has become more and more fascination for many Muslims ever since Sadiq Khan, a former Labour party Member of Parliament and human rights lawyer of Pakistani descent, was elected mayor in 2016.

In coverage which reflects negatively on the UK’s capital city, right-wing web sites such as Breitbart, Britain First and others have taken to referring to it almost exclusively as “Sadiq Khan’s London” since Sadiq Khan is Muslim and “London is under a Muslim mayor.” this is why crimes have increased due to the religion the mayor practice.

The putative link between Islam and London’s violent crime rate is a common theme of right-leaning web sites and blogs. In that vein, the right-wing “Minutemen Militia” Facebook page posted a meme in April 2018 which asserted that “Muslim immigrants” were responsible for the vast majority of “knife attacks” taking place in London the preceding year.

This article was originally posted on Fact Check Snopes.
By looking at facts, found no evidence to support the notion that the vast majority of such crimes were committed by Muslim immigrants.

Although the memes and blogs did not cite any sources of such claims so it is likely the figure of 13,000 knife attacks was taken from January and February 2018 news reports surrounding the UK Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) release of a statistical bulletin on crime in England and Wales in the 12 months leading up to 30 September 2017.

Of that ONS bulletin, the London Evening Standard reported, 

Tables giving the precise figures show that there were 12,980 knife crimes in London over the 12 months to the end of last September. That was 2,452 more than the equivalent year earlier.

This figure was subsequently repeated in the Sun newspaper. In fact, the figure of 12,980 knife offenses was taken from separate data published by the UK Home Office for crimes involving a knife recorded by the City of London police and the Metropolitan police between 1 October 2016 and 30 September 2017.

A spokesperson for the ONS told us that 12,980 was an accurate figure at the time of the January 2018 news reports, but that in the ensuing months the figures had been revised and updated. As of May 2018, the total number of recorded knife crimes in London, in the year leading up to September 2017, was 13,735.
Figures from local government bear this out. On their “weapon-enabled crime dashboard,” the Mayor of London’s Office for Policing and Crime stated that 13,767 knife crime offenses took place in the year leading up to the end of September 2017. Some 5,410 of these crimes (39 percent) were knife possession offenses, which are not at all synonymous with knife attacks, as the Minutemen Militia meme apparently categorized them.

We turned up no available figures on the proportion of knife crimes in 2017 perpetrated by Muslims, or by immigrants, or by Muslim immigrants. Neither the Office for National Statistics, nor the Home Office, nor the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime, has published any such data, so it is entirely unclear what the source of the “11,000” figure claimed in the meme is. (As far as we can tell, law enforcement agencies in the UK do not routinely track the religious affiliation of persons arrested on suspicion of criminal offenses.)

The Home Office does track the ethnicity of criminal defendants and publishes this data once every two years. The most recent report, in 2016, showed that of the 25,121 people convicted for a violent crime that year, 83 percent identified as white, 7 percent identified as black; and 5.8 percent identified as brown or oriental (A spreadsheet showing data of these crimes published by fact check site can be downloaded Here.)

In the UK, “Asian” are typically used to describe people of South Asian descent ( Pakistani, Indian, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi) unlike in the United States, where “Asian” is more often used to describe people of East Asian descent (Chinese, Japanese, Korean). However, now here is “Muslim” recognized as an ethnicity, as it is a religion and as such, can be represented by anyone from any country, so it is even more difficult to pin down exactly where their numbers came from.

In 2013, London School of Economics professor Brian Bell conducted a major study of links between the concentration of various categories of immigrants in a region, and rates of crime in that area. He concluded, “The foreign-born share of the population is unrelated to violent crime according to the most recent research findings.”

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