Man Rubs Chili on Girlfriend’s Tampon in Hideous so called ‘Prank’.

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Having fun is a nice thing, it creates an environment of positivism and joy. But when fun starts to loose boundaries which could harm someone, caused trauma or took someone’s life, such should be illegal and should be considered a crime.
To understand this just simply imagine, it’s not funny when you’re on the receiving end. Have fun on your own expense not someone’s else’s.

Prank is a stupid idea that will undermine people around us. Have fun in a way that doesn’t damage our credibility, trust our image and something which doesn’t harm others.

Social media is full of such pranksters sometimes a prank becomes abusive. This disturbing video was posted in 2018 by Youtuber named Brad Holmes. After backlash, the video was deleted few times but it was posted again on few other different channels.

Video shows this guy’s girlfriend doubled over in pain after he secretly rubbed a chili on one of her tampons.

In the video, Holmes stealthily rubs a tampon out of the plastic applicator, rubs it down with a red chili, and then replaces the wrapper.

When his girlfriend goes to toilet she creams how her private parts are burning with pain. She is desperately trying to rinse off herself with water.
It’s humiliating and degrading, and disgusting. Such pranks and pranksters should be condemned so our society could be safe from these idiots.

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