Unusual friendships that will go down in history.

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Amazingly you can find these examples not only among humans but animals too. There have been many unlikely friendships in history, we will mention few.

Lion and Dachshunds

Abby the Dachshunds has a much more impressive friend with huge paws and long teeth, a lion. Both live in GW exotic animal Park. They both are crazy about each other. These unusual friends eat together, they lick each other and run after each other. Both play together running after each other lion never tried to hurt the dachshunds, even though the little dogs look like a snack front of the lion. However, lion is not that friendly too everybody. Lion doesn’t allow anyone in the cage except for the dogs.
Nevertheless, when care taker has to take the dogs out for a while the predator veins sadly until his dog friends are back are allowed back.

Lion, Tiger and Bear

Some people are proud of being friends with someone all their lives. Turns out animals do it too. The American brown bear, African lion and Bengali tiger were babies when they once rescued from a dark basement where they were kept by their owner. Animals were in a terrible state. The police officers who found them sent them to a non-profit animal shelter called Noah’s Ark. Where exhausted and wounded animals get treated, fed and eventually released. So they babies were kept until they recovered they were released, After all such different predator simply cannot live together in nature.
But when animals were separated, they were sad, and refused to eat so they started to lose weight. Then people realised how important the bond between three of them was so as a result lion, tiger and bear were reunited and given their own fenced area where they could eat, sleep, play and hug each other.
Unfortunately, in 2016 after 15 years of a friendship the two of them lost Leo the lion. Lion was diagnosed the incurable cancer. Tiger and bear still live together.

Sheep and elephant

February 2008 Thimble a six month old elephant was orphaned. Researchers who watched the wild elephants were hoping the Thimble would find a foster mother but it did not happen so it was decided to send the baby to the Wildlife rehabilitation centre.
So people who are trained in this filed could take care of him, but when baby elephant was transported and surrounded by people it became clear that this was not enough.
Elephants get very anxious when they’re left without their parents and Thimble was no exception he refused to eat and lost a lost a lot of weight. To save the animal he was introduced to a sheep named Albert.
At first these two didn’t get along the elephant chased the strange animal roaring frighteningly but soon curiosity took over. Shortly afterwards Thimble and Albert became inseparable friends most importantly the baby elephant started to eat again. Still there was cause for concern the zoo staff were afraid that Thimble might decide that he was a sheep too and would imitate his buddy in everything. But it was the opposite it was Albert who started copying Thimble.
For example, following the elephant’s lead the Sheep used to eat the leaves from tree tops by trying to climb the tree unfortunately in the story it does not have a happy ending.
At the age of two the baby elephant started to be prepared for a new life in the wild so the two friends were separated they were still living close by but separately from each other, so the Thimble could adapt to life outside this shelter. Sadly, on the morning of the 5th of February 2010 the baby elephant died suddenly due to intestinal problems and never returned to the wild.

horse and dog

Dogs are quite friendly creatures. There are many examples of dogs interaction with horses.
On a horse farm in Ontario a watchdog named Titan. He was afraid of horses until one day he met a foal named Indy, of that moment on something clicked in the dog’s head he started licking the young horse. Defending him and protecting him and when Indy got sick he couldn’t calm down. Indy return to the affection too. Eventually the dog learned how to walk for his new friend. Dog would lead Indy by the leash.
Although it’s not clear whether titan understands that he and Indy belong to different species that you definitely adore each other.

Cat and bear

Getting into a cage with a big predator whether it’s a lion, bear or any other, can be a life-threatening situation.
Especially for a small creature like a cat. When visitors of the Berlin Zoo noticed a black cat with a bear in the same cage they were horrified. The tragedy seemed inevitable but suddenly the bear expressed interest in the fluffy guest.
The animals sniffed each other and apparently came to the conclusion that they could get along this was the beginning of an amazing and very close friendship between these two different animals.
When the friends fell apart for a while because of the renovation of the zoo. They both had a pretty hard time.
The cat sat near the bears cage at night. To the extent, the zoo staff were afraid the separation could affect the health of the animals. Luckily the repair works were soon over and the bear and the cats were reunited. They’ve been together ever since.

Turtle and hippo

When giant Tsunami waves hit the Kenyan coast in 2004 a hippo named Owen and his herd were too close to the water.
Owen was too young at the time to escape the waves together with his relatives. He got trapped in the coral reefs fortunately the next day the residents of a nearest village helped baby hippo out using fishing nets it very hard task, since a baby hippo weighs quite a lot.
Baby was rescued and sent to a sanctuary because they couldn’t leave the small animal in the wild alone. There were no hippos in the park but little Owen found himself a very unexpected friend a giant male tortoise.
Some experts believe that Owen looking for his mother was attracted by the round shape of turtle shell with brown colour which resembled that of an adult hippopotamus.
The turtle didn’t want any friends though an ignored Owen at first. But Owen turned out to be a stubborn little hippo. In the end the ice was broken turtle fell in love with the baby they became inseparable they ate together played together in a pond slept next to each other.
They even adopted each other’s habits and appeared in a few books unfortunately when Owen became too big to interact safely, a separate unit was built for the hippo where a female hippo was placed.

Bull and Dog:

Some terriers are often considered to be the scariest and dangerous dogs in the world this breed is credited with various horrible deeds. Some people prefer to avoid them altogether.
Hardly anyone thinks that a tough fighting dog could be gentle and cute especially a dog that didn’t have a happy life. He was bolted and locked up day and night because the new owner couldn’t handle the puppy’s behavior. As a puppy he was taken to reserve where he met a young bull. The bull had also been abused by humans and was in great need of care.
Surprisingly these two found comforts in each other’s company. Seems that at first the dog thought the

calf was an unusual dog breed. Because they were about the same height but even then Wesley the bull had outgrown. His buddy Charles still stayed with him and the unlikely friendship seemed to have only grown stronger and still live together as best friends.

Fox and cat

Friendship between a fox and a hound was only made into films. But here is a real-life version of that story. On the shore of Lake van on the highlands of eastern Turkey, you can spot an unusual couple a fox and a cat. Unlike the cartoon friends the story of these friends remain a mystery.
The locals noticed the furry buddies for the first time when they were eating fish caught by the fishermen. Since then the Fox and the cats have just been said to be inseparable they spend a lot of time together playing eating and just chilling sometimes the weird couple can be seen on the beach and some lucky people even manage to take pictures or videos of the Fox and the cats we can only guess how these two managed to become friends and how they met.

Dog and elephant

Bubble the elephant lost her parents when she was very young. Her parents were killed by poachers in the 80s luckily the baby was sheltered in Myrtle Beach Safari Park.
Soon she became famous. Bubbles appeared in many promotional videos music videos and even starred movies.
After the elephant retired though she started spending more time with the park’s visitors and because of that other elephants just ignored bubbles she had no friends at all until Bella came along as is always the case in these stories.
It was purely an accident around 2007. The park hired a contractor to build a new pool for bubbles on the last day of the work the contractor abandoned a cute puppy named Bella leaving her inside she was very young at the time but immediately got along with the elephant.

The park managers decided to let Bella live with bubbles, it wasn’t an easy decision for the park.

Guide dog and blind dog

Tanner the two-year-old was blind dog since birth. But he found a guide dog of his very own–his one-year-old friend Blair.

After being taken in by a rescue group, things looked rough until Blair showed up. Blair was brought in with a gunshot wound after being on the street, and the two immediately took to each other. It’s as if it was destiny that these two dogs were to meet. They became best friends, and Tanner’s seizures even calmed down once they were together

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