Woman Who Ripped Her Eyes Off While High On Meth Gets Prosthetic Eyeballs fitted.

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GRAPHIC CONTENT: Woman has turned her life around after suffering a psychotic episode during a crystal meth addition which left her blind for life. 

22 years old Kaylee Muthart from South Carolina has turned herself blind for life after getting high on crystal meth۔
She was 20 when she got high on drugs and ripped her eyes out, squishing them with her hands while bystanders watched the horrific scenes. Horrified, some people struggled to restrain her but it was too late.

After being rushed to hospital, doctors told her she would never see again. She suffered from drug induced psychotic episode before.

Methamphetamine could amplify an individual’s fears and beliefs which develop into extreme hallucinations. Kaylee said she thought by squishing her own eyes ‘’she is going to survive and save the world’’. Following the episode, Kaylee spent weeks in a psychiatric facility.

She underwent a surgery to ready her eye sockets for future prostheses. She considers herself a recovering addict and says it wasn’t all that difficult for her to achieve sobriety because “the drugs took something from her, and when you get burned by the fire you learn not to go back’’.

But thanks to her prosthetic eyes, people will at least see her in a less scary light.

She said: “I was so excited to get them. I just wanted to appear more normal to the outside world.”

On Wednesday, August 6, 2020, she finally received her prosthetic eyes from Dr. Joseph Gorrin of Gorrin’s Clinic in Greenville, according to the news outlet and now learning to maneuver in a world of darkness.

Back at home now with her family, Kaylee is relearning everything.
“I try to do everything on my own. If I get hurt in the process it’s just learning.”

Kaylee, who now enrolled herself in blind school. She learned to be a mother to her child as a blind woman. Learned a “decent amount” of Braille, can cook, wash clothes, make a bed and even look after pets. She also plans to get her high school diploma and go to college.

For her part, Kaylee says that she has embraced her blindness. “If you don’t, you can never be happy. Accept it, analyze it and let yourself feel what you feel. I cry. Not a lot, but I bottle it up and then let it out.”
Long term, she envisions herself as a motivational speaker or a musician. She has largely given up her childhood dream of becoming a marine biologist.

“The part I would’ve enjoyed most about that” watching orcas and dolphins slice through the water “is gone now,” she says.

“Coming off meth was awful, physically and mentally, there were hallucinations and psychosis, but I overcame it, thanks to God.” she said.

Kaylee added that she wants to write a book about her experience, and will soon have a guide dog to help her navigate the world.

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