Young Muslim Film Star Quits Film Industry And Gets Trolled For Quitting.

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What does it take to leave your job for your own personal reason? It wasn’t that easy for Indian film start Zaira Wasim, who became famous in Aamir Khan‘s film Dangal in 2016, took to social media to reveal that she is disassociating herself from films.

Young Muslim Film Star Zaira Wasim

People should leave people alone when it comes to personal choices. But sometimes trolls, especially online trolls cannot help themselves but resort to abuse and slander. Which probably make them feel better about themselves.

Such example was this 18 years old Indian Muslim film star. Zaira Wasim who gain her fame after working in the most expensive film of Bollywood, ‘’Dangal’’ she was awarded ‘’National Child Award by the president of India.
Young Muslim Film Star Zaira Wasim

Last year Zaira posted a lengthy statement stating the reasons behind her decision to quit film industry. She said, she is not happy with her current line of work, which has silently and unconsciously transitioned her “out of faith” pushed her away from her religion.

An online troll has posted this,

After she announced her decision she was trolled not only by public but also by her fellow film starts.
This film star Murad says, He understands her decision to leave but relating it with religion is totally unreasonable.

Another filmmaker and social activist Ashoke Pandit say, If you think your career is not going the way you want, then you can retire but don’t say that you are going away from God due to acting,” he added.

Trolls goes further,

Another actor says, “I don’t go by what she has written. There is much more than what meets the eye. It is difficult to believe an 18-year-old child writing a letter, where she talks of philosophical things’’.

Singh even went on saying, ‘’somewhere the terrorists are either pressurising her or by making her reiterate sending a message to the youth of the country that doesn’t take part in the growth of the country. So when Zaira decides to withdraw, it is not she as an individual but a youth icon who is sending the wrong message to the youth of the country,” added Singh.

Zaira Wasim’s post went viral and there were thousands of trolls who insulted her on all levels. Here are some more online trolls, having no regard of people’s personal choices.

Going though comments after comments it make us think. If she was a Christian, Jewish or even Hindu, would she get the same hate and Xenophobia, deciding to follow her faith or its only limited to a young vulnerable Muslim?
Zaira Wasim didn’t care about how people slashed her she just moved on. We wish her best in her life.

Young Muslim Film Star Zaira Wasim

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